Many people are deeply troubled about: the Ukraine War with the very real possibility of international nuclear conflict; the moral decay in society; the fragility of the global economy; climate change; and the prospect of more pandemics. All of this is creating deep feelings of anxiety and uncertainty about the future, which makes it reasonable then to wonder, “Where are we heading and what does the future hold?”

PROPHETICA invites attendees on the journey of a lifetime, in which they will travel to lost civilisations to understand the significance of current momentous global events, which will inevitably shape how the future unfolds. In this action-packed half day series of scintillating and enlightening presentations, participants will discover: irrefutable evidence from history, archaeology and current events, that the most significant events in history are about to occur: and a hope-filled source that knows “What the future holds.”

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Saturday September 16
5pm - 9pm
Dinner included

Avondale Memorial Seventh-day Adventist Church
584-586 Freemans Drive, Cooranbong


PROPHETICA includes these five fast-paced presentations:

Program 1

Lost Civilisations Reveal the Future

Journey to ancient Egypt to see the mighty pyramids. Travel down the Nile and visit the Dead Sea to discover irrefutable evidence for a source that knows the future with pinpoint accuracy.

Program 2

The Prophetic Code

Travel to the ancient cities of Babylon in Iraq and Susa in Iran to discover an ancient prophecy that predicted the rise and fall of mighty empires hundreds of years before they existed.

Program 3

The Last Empire

Discover an amazing 2500 year old prophecy from the cradle of civilisation that predicted events taking place in the world today.

Program 4

Global Warnings from ancient Jerusalem

Travel to Jerusalem to hear amazing 2000-year-old predictions which reveal that, while time is fast running out, the horizon is filled with hope.

Program 5

The Global Agenda

Journey to Patmos in Greece to hear amazing predictions of a coming global agenda that throw light on current global events that will soon impact you, your finances and your freedoms.

Secrets of Prophecy seminar to follow

Find answers to life’s big questions. Topics include:

  • The Final Superpower
  • Does God Care?
  • Who is the Antichrist?
  • Secret to Success
  • Life After Death
  • 666 and the Mark of the Beast

Commencing 7pm Tuesday September 26 at the same venue

International speaker Gary Webster has travelled the world extensively researching lost civilizations. He has degrees in archaeology, history, science and religion, and was also the editor of Archaeological Diggings, Australia’s top magazine of ancient history and archaeology. Thousands have attended his engaging presentations that reveal the historical & prophetic accuracy of the ancient Biblical scriptures, the meaning of current events, and where we are heading.

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