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High-Powered Presentations | Guaranteed to Change Your Future

Many people are deeply troubled about: Covid-19 with the fallout from it; political, social & economic upheaval and uncertainty; international tensions & conflicts; terrorism; climate change; and the rapid pace at which technology continues to expand. All of this is creating feelings of anxiety about the future, which makes it reasonable then to wonder, “What does the future hold?”

Participants will discover irrefutable evidence from history, archaeology and momentous current events that some of the most exciting and significant events in history are about to occur, and a source that knows “What the future holds. You are personally invited to Prophetica. To avoid disappointment, reserve your seats now.

Prophetica invites attendees on the journey of a lifetime, in which they will travel to lost civilisations to understand the significance of current global events, which will inevitably shape how the future unfolds. In this short action-packed half-day series of scintillating and enlightening presentations,

Be prepared for a number of fast-paced, 20-minute presentations full of life-changing ideas, and insights.

Key themes include the latest discoveries in areas such as: 

  • Ancient predictions about our planet
  • Prophecies of future empires
  • Current World events & the future
  • Global warnings regarding our time
  • Economic predictions

Don’t miss this opportunity to attend a world-class conference that can help you to live a happier and more hope-filled life.


Prophetica will have a number of powerful presentations and will include light refreshments. Each presentation will be around 20mins each – so be ready for power-packed insights! Check venues and locations below!

Lost Civilisations Reveal the Future

Walkthrough Jerusalem’s famous water tunnel & travel to Iraq to discover how the terrorists of the ancient world reveal a source that knows the future.

The Prophetic Code

See and hear a prophecy from ancient Susa in Iran that predicted the rise and fall of mighty empires hundreds of years before they existed.

The Last Empire

Discover an amazing 2500 year old prophecy from the cradle of civilization that predicted events taking place in the world today.

Jerusalem to Globalism

Journey to Jerusalem and Patmos to hear amazing predictions that throw light on momentous events taking place today – predictions and events concerning you and your finances.

Global Warnings

Hear amazing 2000 year-old prophecies from Israel & Rome. These incredible predictions reveal that while time is fast running out, the horizon is filled with hope.