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Great leaders remind us that the farther we can look back into our history the more clearly we can see our future. PROPHETICA 2019 will look as far back and as far forwards as anyone ever has.

PROPHETICA 2019 is a one day festival of high-powered speakers with mind-blowing insights and predictions that will excite and challenge your perceptions about earth’s future—your future—and inspire us all to change it.

PROPHETICA 2019’s key themes include the latest discoveries in:

  • Current World events
  • Future predictions
  • Science and Prophecy
  • Ancient predictions about our planet
  • And ancient cultural clues to current events

Don’t miss this opportunity to attend a world-class conference right in the heart of Hobart. You’ll go home ready to live a happier, hope-filled life. May 19. Be there!


Topics will include

  • Amazing Discoveries Reveal the Future
  • Babylonian Predictions & Brexit
  • Rebuilding Israel’s Temple
  • The 5 True Signs
  • Countdown Eternity
  • Cosmic Encounters
  • A Chinese Sage, A Babylonian Prophet & The Holy Man
  • War for The Worlds
  • The Antichrist Beast
  • The Global Economic Meltdown
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The Grand Chancellor Hotel

The Grand Chancellor Hotel

1 Davey St, Hobart TAS 7000

Hobart CBD Parking

Hobart has a range of on-street (metered or free depending on times) and off-street parking options.

Please read all parking signs to ensure that you are able to park for the full length of your visit.

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Accommodation Prophetica 2017
Hobart Accommodation

From camping and caravan parks to inner-city hotels, Hobart has a full range of wonderful accommodation options to suit every budget and style. PROPHETICA 2019 will attract guests from far and wide so please book your accommodation early to avoid disappointment.


Nestled amongst the foothills of Mt Wellington, Hobart combines heritage charm with a modern lifestyle in a setting of exceptional beauty. It’s no wonder Lonely Planet has called Hobart one of the top ten spots to visit in the world right now.

PROPHETICA 2019 has been prepared for a 15+ adult audience. Unfortunately, there are no child-minding services available at the venue. Sorry. However, please feel free to bring your children along and find a seating location that allows you to come and go as required (children 5 & under have free entry).





Every presentation is compressed into just twenty high-impact minutes.
You’ll be on the edge of your seat from start to finish!

Dr Mark Falconer


Dr Mark Falconer has travelled extensively through the Middle East. His study of ancient history and current events come alive in his gripping lectures. His understanding of ancient Biblical prophecy throws light on momentous current events taking place around the world.

    Gary Webster

    Television Presenter

    Gary Webster is a TV presenter, sought after speaker, and qualified archaeologist who has excavated at numerous Biblical sites throughout Israel and Jordan.

      Justin Lawman

      Church Pastor

      Justin Lawman has addressed audiences across the globe on the topic of world events and religio-political history, but he began his adult life as a tradie on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. When he’s not spending time with his wife and children (or reducing Australia’s feral pig population), you’ll find Pr Lawman caring for the Canberra National Seventh-day Adventist Church. Justin is a down-to-earth, true-blue Aussie believer.

        Robbie Berghan

        Filmmaker / Speaker

        Robbie Berghan is a documentary filmmaker, sought after speaker, and Bible prophecy teacher who has lectured in more than 40 countries around the world, on various biblical themes. He has lived in 5 different countries studying world cultures and religions seeking to better understand the roots of our common human ancestry.

          Lyle Southwell

          Speaker and Historian

          Lyle Southwell is a globally sought after speaker and commentator on the subjects of ancient codes, symbols and prophecies of Scripture. He travels extensively, researching and presenting at many sacred sites across the Middle East and Europe including Stonehenge, the Vatican and the ‘lost city’ of Petra. Southwell ‘brings the rocks to life' as he pulls back the veil on thousands of years.


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